The All In Experience

The Most Convenient, Easy And Comfortable Festival In America!


There are certain things that can take a regular moment and make it pure magic. Great friends, a welcoming community joining together in an inspiring environment, and beautiful music can take us to familiar places that all of sudden feel fresh and different or to places we’ve never been before. These are all things that can bring magic to an everyday moment. When we say ALL IN, we’re talking about these moments of celebration and joy that can change our lives.
We are creating and curating a new experience, a true music festival that celebrates artistry and musicianship by creating an optimal environment for both performance and fan experience with a level of comfort that is rarely seen at music festivals. Our goal is to create an unparalleled experience of connection and celebration.

Incredible Location

ALL IN takes advantage of our home at the ISF which is one of the best sites ever and allows us to create a festival entirely different from anything else anywhere in the world.

Big Lineup / Boutique Size

ALL IN 2023 is stacked with some of the biggest and best names in live music – playing for a VERY intimate capacity audience (around 7200 guests) that guarantees an unforgettable and comfortable experience. All headline performances (like Tenacious D, Trey Anastasio & Classic TAB, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead etc) will take place inside the air-conditioned Indiana Farmers Coliseum – which boasts some of the most impressive production in the country.

Indoor & Outdoor

Our unique indoor / outdoor format brings so much to the experience. Besides protecting us from rain, reducing the likelihood of weather delays, our main stage home in the Farmer’s Coliseum also creates an epic environment for performing artists.  At other festivals, all artists except the headliner play in sub optimal situation like in daytime with no lights, sound bleed from competing artists playing at the same time. At ALL IN your main stage artists play to a proper arena, with world class sound, full production and lights etc with zero sound bleed to a GA audience that is right up close. This creates an amazing experience for artists and fans to have a transcendent experience while still having a fantastic outside stage and world to explore with a food, music, immersive art and surprises around every corner.


Many festivals are built around stages in fields (which we love too) but ALL IN’s dual IN & OUTdoors worlds are easy to navigate and offer plenty of places to sit and chill with tons of comfortable seating at both stages to enjoy all the onstage action in comfort.

Convenience & Comfort for All

We take being America’s Most Comfortable Festival seriously – and this means giving YOU the most comfortable festival experience you’ve ever had! Our site is easy to get to and easy to get in and out of. We also have a nice layout that is easy to get around. Things are close to each other and well organized so you can spend your energy and dancing and hanging with friends new and old rather than walking all over this green earth. We also have unheard of festival treasures like AC and real restrooms with elusive  amenities like sinks, soaps and full flush-ability. Who says festivals needs to be anything other than easy and fun?

Easy Location

We’re right near downtown Indy. You can get an Uber drop off and pick up (or if you’re like us you’re dad will drive you), easy parking and the venue is right near downtown Indy which also has in our opinion one of the best airports in America and tons of hotel options right nearby. Super convenient parking and plenty of space to enjoy every act without dealing with an overwhelming crowd. There’s an ALL IN experience for everyone.

Choose-Your-Own Fest Adventure

Get dropped off or drive and park right next to the entrance. We have onsite camping if that’s your jam. Or RV parking with hookups if you’re rolling like dat. Also, sweet onsite camping with showers and bathrooms. Roll VIP style and get upgraded amenities, a dedicated seat and access to a set luxurious lounge. Do it your way and do it with your style!

Fantastic Food and Drinks

The two-day event will combine elements of Hoosier culture and reflect Indiana’s extraordinary hospitality and diversity where you can enjoy the perfect blend of great food & drink paired with stellar music and art, the best pairings in life! Forget the usual overpriced, underwhelming festival fare. All IN features a nice selection of premium, local food and beverages, a giant beer garden with local craft breweries, beer stations, cocktail bars, the All IN Signature Cocktail, and much more!


Multi-Arts Experience

Our roster of visual artists and vendors will bring an added dimension to this years festival – making ALL IN 23 a truly immersive arts experience.

Dreamsets are the star studded all-star collaborations of our dream where some of the most talented live performers celebrate the music and songs we all love. These are exactly the once-in-a-lifetime moments that we travel for and dream about. This is what ALL IN is all about.

Our 2023 Dreamsets will celebrate the iconic music of Led Zeppelin and The Beatles!